How far does the gap between reality LED lighting market and the ideal one?

Incandescent will be eliminated, and energy-saving lamps are emerging, LED lights are in the ascendant, but the industry on the LED lighting market prospects and rashness. It is based on LED prospects promising, from the international semiconductor giants to unknown small factory. Some insiders jokes that now is not involved in LED ashamed speaking of the lighting industry. However, the industry's lighting market outlook is very rashness, more concentrated in low-end market, a conservative estimate of 3 yuan of each incandescent lamp. The world's 2 billion stock market, but six billion; 10 billion energy-saving lamps of 20 yuan but 200 billion, while the high-end intelligent LED lighting market, the report estimated that the capacity will reach $ 200 billion in five years. The data show that the lighting energy consumption accounted for 22 percent of the world total electricity consumption is green lighting. The significance of 80% power consumption can be reduced from incandescent to energy-saving lamps. When the replacement completed, the global LED lighting market energy consumption will be reduced according to 17% of current NXP chip used in energy-saving lamps of 60 million, equivalent to an annual reduction of 500 million kilograms of carbon dioxide, and future sales is expected to expand 10 times and 20 times, saving significance is enormous. Criticized by the world energy-saving lamps mercury pollution, in fact, there is a great misunderstanding. On the other hand, energy-saving lamps mercury contamination does exist. However, many natural areas have mercury pollution, the relative energy-saving lamps talk about mercury discoloration. Study have shown that the mercury in a energy-saving lamps are less than a marine fish such as salmon sharks. Right now, International semiconductor giants basically has embarked on the LED layout, NXP already has a chip by 70 005 thousand hours, 105-degree heat of the experimental test, which is the world's first application-level LED chips, and its SSL2101/2102 since 2009since May, has sold 10 million in May this year, sales momentum, Jin Meng, more than dozens of well-known companies have for dimmable LED bulbs. Which SSL2102 International Lighting Fair in Las Vegas in May 2010 Technology Innovation Award. For the heat problems that LED lamps designed. Although there has the fan, open and short-term solution, yes solving the fundamental direction of the LED application is to improve the light efficiency of the same upgrade. LED is also a semiconductor, subjecting to Moore's Law. The performance will be greatly improved on a regular basis. Talking about the LED market applications, some people think that the direction should be intelligent, innovative lighting. Природа земли