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Treatment of the syndrome of "too much text"

One day at work I asked who is reading some book. Of the six people told me two, one employee was reading fiction, another book I recommended the other day, and the rest could not even remember the name of the last read book. All were with higher education and the age of about thirty years.

I am also familiar with those who read incomparably greater average reader, while trying to discuss with old friends. But such people, even if you take on a national scale, is very small.

Virus REGIN - how to treat?

Virus REGIN - how to treat?
Symantec's anti-virus experts discovered the virus Backdoor.Regin, designed to steal confidential data from government agencies, utility companies, business organizations, research centers and individuals. Authors virus "demonstrated level of technical training, which is rare to find," reported Symantec.

В чём польза зелёного чая

Зеленый чай ворвался в нашу с вами жизнь настолько стремительно и так быстро завоевал популярность, что просто необходимо познакомиться с ним поближе. Не многие знают, кстати, что зеленый чай – это тот же чай, что и черный, только обработанный по-другому, благодаря чему в нем нет ни специфического цвета, ни запаха, ни вкуса, как у чая черного, и в сухом и в заваренном виде он сохраняет свой зеленый цвет.

Итак, разрешите представить: ЗЕЛЕНЫЙ ЧАЙ!

What are the benefits of green tea

Green tea burst into our lives so quickly and so quickly gained popularity that just need to get to know him better. Not many people know, the way that green tea - tea is the same as the black, only treated differently, so it has no specific color, no smell, no taste, like black tea and dry and brewed as it retains its green color.

So, allow me to introduce: green tea!

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Imagine all the beauty of a wedding gown combined with the spunk, flair, and freedom of a shorter style. We tend to see the best of both world in a wedding dresses cheap. A new way, a fun way, and an easy way to express yourself as a bride is to choose a tea length wedding dress. With the warmest months of the year upon us, more and more brides are looking for a higher hemline for their weddings. Let's examine the ways to work a cheap wedding dresses into your wedding day.Think garden, think backyard, or think all-American. A unique wedding dress will blend perfectly with any outdoor setting.

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In the end of this year, maybe you will be invited to attend a variety of formal or informal parties, for example a public prom party. As a modern lady, it is so normal to own some decent party dresses in the wardrobe. While as you know, renew rate of fashion dresses is quite high comparing with some other goods. That will be a serious scene to appear in a formal prom party wearing a outdated prom dresses 2015 collection for every girl.

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