Solar Energy Ready - U.S. Politics Not Ready

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the price of solar panels has decreased 75% — thanks to Chinese over-production. The consequent glut of Chinese-made panels is what made the Obama Administration's investment in Solyndra go bad, as Solyndra could not make panels cheap enough to compete. But the result of low-cost solar panels is "a burgeoning rooftop revolution." From 2010 to 2011, total U.S. rooftop installations of solar panels increased 109%. Despite these cost breakthroughs and continued solar power growth, U.S. is only harnessing a fraction of solar energy's benefits. According to Census Bureau data, 100 million U.S. residential units could potentially generate well over 90% of U.S. total electricity consumed in 2011 (3.75 of U.S. total source 4 trillion kilowatt hours of electricity/year). The problem: investor-owned, huge utility companies that provide 85% of U.S. requirements regard solar power as a technical challenge and long-term threat to their profit model.