An overhead go gives you the ability

If you're playing typically the guard position, having fine court vision is an overall key to 2K17 MT success. You should always keep your vision moving and focus on can be happening around you. Learn how to little the ball with your scalp up. Looking down when dribbling will mean you can't view what's happening on the court docket. Maintain a lower position since you play defense. Doing so boosts your reaction time if you're considering your opponents' actions. Time in your defensive stance continuously. If you need to block the enemy team's shot, resume your own personal stance as soon as you can. Target your overhead pass being caught at chin levels or higher. An overhead go gives you the ability to get the biggest length from your pass. It is just a good option for a turnover breakaway. You can also use the overhead go to get the ball to a person who has a strong inside location.